Step 1. An expedition outside my comfort zone.

I’ve always been bad at keeping a diary. I’ve always had a desire to keep one, but never the willpower to keep going. Maybe that was the problem. You shouldn’t need willpower to do something you love.
I have piles of diaries on my bookshelf, full of optimism and pride. Then Mid-February rears its cold, ugly head, and suddenly a gleaming horizon of blank pages and failure.

Failure is my excuse. I don’t like failing, I don’t want to fail, so I just won’t bother. Win-win?

Clearly not. So maybe this is what I need. I planned out a list of reasons of why I should, no, want to do this;

  • Stop making excuses.
  • Get out of your comfort zone (you’re never that comfortable here, anyway)
  • You haven’t written properly since you graduated.
  • You always complain about it.
  • You need a creative outlet for your photography hobby.
  • ‘What if’ is boring.

After having a word with myself (I’m an only-child and I have a cat- this happens a lot), I went about the why’s and the what’s. What will I write about? What’s the point? What do I enjoy reading? I thought about what’s important to me right now in my life. Then it came rushing to me in a big laced veil – I’m getting married!

I’ve been with Josh for almost 9 years, and we’ve been engaged for a year. We’ve decided to get married in the Summer of 2018. This gives me another 2 years to plan. 

In the year that we’ve been engaged, we have come up with some general ideas for the wedding – style, colours, locations – but keep stumbling at that big old problem. Budget. This keeps taking me back to step 1- where do we start?
I’ll be blogging about the wedding, one step at a time, hoping that this helps me plan, get inspired and get excited for the day. I plan on keeping an honest account of organising the journey – from guest-list queries to dress inspiration. I’ll also be blogging about other things that interest me, whether that’s food, beauty or travel. 

You can’t be inspired if you’re standing still, so here I go… Diving into the abyss*.
*** I also hope to eradicate all these tired clichés (even that one) as I practice my writing! 
M x


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