Leftovers – Part 2 – Magical Milliseconds


Josh Rhiannon Wedding-422

We knew from the start that Photography was number 1 on our list of priorities. I spent weeks researching wedding photographers from all over the UK – much longer than we spent looking at venues or anything else.

At the risk of sounding pretentious – actually – this will definitely sound pretentious, we wanted to commission art, not photos. Ok, yes, reading this back I hate myself and I was a little bit sick in my mouth. Let me try and dig myself out…

We’re not the kind of couple who take selfies, or enjoy having our photo taken. Having an engagement shoot was out of the question. Think Chandler in ‘The one with the engagement shoot’. It’s not pretty. I didn’t need to pay someone to show me how uncomfortable I look when I pose. I wanted photos which gave me a Wes Anderson vibe, and more importantly, someone who understood how to use light to their advantage. It’s Wales, it’s February, it was likely to be grey and miserable. At least with a great photographer it would look moody and mysterious.

I felt a huge pressure to find the right photographer. Each one has a specific style, and trying to find one which matched ours was surprisingly difficult.

Step in Louise. I finally came across Louise Jacob Photography, and I was hooked. Her use of natural light along with her talent of capturing millisecond moments is magical. The photos on the website were so honest, I felt like I was there, in the moment, with these strangers. We were sold.

Louise was so thorough and yet so laid back. The Photography was the one thing I wasn’t worried about on the day. We live far away from each other so we hadn’t met before, but when I stepped out of my dad’s campervan, there she was snapping away, and it felt like we already knew each other.

I didn’t actually speak to Louise until after the ceremony, and because I’d explained that we wanted photos with a nod to Wes Anderson, she knew exactly what to do. As you can see- it didn’t rain, it wasn’t even grey. It was bloomin glorious!

As I’m sure you’ll agree, she NAILED IT. I feel like a strong female character straight out of an indie film.

She captured details that I hadn’t noticed on the day. Meetings I hadn’t seen happen. Documentary photography is the way forward, especially when your photographer can sneak around like a fairy- I hardly saw her there, and clearly, she was everywhere.

The hardest thing for us is how to choose which photos to frame!  We received a few sneak peeks while we were on our honeymoon, and in the end we received 1004 photos!!! Each one as wonderful as the next. We are still so overwhelmed by them. 1004 works of art. Soz not soz. I know it sounds pretentious, but as you can see from these photographs, there is no pretence anywhere near them, just honesty and love.

Thank you Lou, I’m so glad we found you. You are exceptional!

M x



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