Invites, bites and sleepless nights

It’s been a bit of a strange couple of weeks. I haven’t written anything, because there were almost too many topics to write about. So firstly for any cave-dwellers, here’s a list of what’s been happening-

  • Brexit onslaught
  • Wales in the semi-finals of the Euro World Cup
  • Visited a wedding venue and fell in love
  • Cameron resigns
  • Terrifying bull terrier is PM
  • Boris in general
  • Saw Plaid Cymru MP Adam Price in Cardiff Bay and totally fangirled. “You’re a legend” etc
  • Pokémon GO ❤

Secondly, a list of bad excuses-

  • Work is busy
  • Need to sort out holiday stuff
  • Midge bite swells up my entire foot
  • Big Brother is awful and I can’t stop watching it
  • I don’t want to write about politics, but it’s at the forefront of my mind.

Clearly there is no real excuse here. But I’m not going to worry too much about it. I’m back to feeling inspired, fresh and proactive. Much like a wall sticker at the Danone PR offices.

I’m not going to write about politics, so I’ll get my views and thoughts out of the way. 
I’m deeply saddened by the choice to leave the UK but respect our democracy. Tabloids are evil propaganda, but that’s nothing new. Theresa May scares the hell out of me, in so many ways. Finally, Pokémon GO is GREAT.

On the wedding front, we finally visited our first venue. Welsh Green Weddings, Carmarthenshire. This venue had always been high on the list for us, as it ticked many of our boxes, and we were not disappointed. They have pizza nights there once a month, so it was a perfect opportunity to see the venue in action. Oh, and the pizza was AMAZING. 

Inside the main tipi
Eleanor who runs the place with her family was a fantastic host who took us on a tour of the venue, and she spent time with us, suggesting different uses and ideas which had worked before. We all felt very relaxed and welcomed. We’re going back in September for a further viewing (and further pizza testing!), and I’ll actually make sure I bring my camera out this time!

View from the tipi
Also- As we left the venue, the acoustic singer started playing Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac- surely that’s a sign!?
We are definitely a step further with the planning now.

We have a better idea of guest list and invitees, and although we still want to look at other venues, we are very happy with the idea of Welsh Green Weddings. Seriously, take a look at the website!
I’ll be writing a more detailed account after our September visit!

Sleepless nights and bites

It’s been hot. It’s been REALLY hot. I was mauled by mosquitos in Bute Park on Tuesday, and now have a completely swollen foot and ankle. So I haven’t been able to hunt Pokémon. As you can imagine, for a 27-yr-old child, this is a huge inconvenience. It’s cooled down somewhat now, so hopefully I can get some sleep tonight. And yes, I included this dull fact just for the sake of the title. As well as for a little moan. *itch itch*
Favourite things this week- Antihistamine tablets and my Dad’s dahlias


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